Therapy Approaches

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Our psychologists are highly trained in a variety of therapy approaches.

We work with individuals, couples and families providing counselling for adults and teens using many different therapy approaches. Finding the approach that fits for you can be so important. If you have a specific therapy approach in mind, please reach out to us and we can help you find the best fit. However, you don’t have to know ahead of time which therapy approach will work best for you. Our psychologists will work with you to tailor the approach we use to fit your presenting issues and individual needs.  We often try to determine which approach might fit best with your worldview and values.

Our psychologists have extensive training and experience in many counselling approaches, including:

Not all therapeutic approaches used by the psychologists at Willow Psychology are listed above. If you’re interested in a type of counselling that is not listed above, please reach out to us for more information. We will do our best to connect you with a psychologist in our practice with this experience or refer you to a psychologist outside of our practice who has training in this approach.

To meet our clients’ needs and preferences, our psychologists offer both in-person and virtual sessions for any client located within Alberta. Often it can be very convenient for clients to access therapy online. We are happy to accommodate you by offering virtual sessions through our secure online platform.

Willow Psychology also offers supervision and consultation to psychologists who are just starting out in their careers. Please contact us for more information.