Sometimes things happen in a person’s life that can impact their beliefs and feelings about their self-worth or value as a human being. A person’s sense of worthiness can be impacted by their life experiences, social relationships, and societal values and biases. People often seek counselling when they experience a sense of low self-esteem or struggle to feel good about themselves. Low self-esteem can make it hard to feel motivated, make choices and achieve goals. And it can even be linked to experiences of anxiety, depression, trauma, and difficulties in social situations. 

One of the most common features of low self-esteem is negative self-talk. Generally, people with lower self-esteem are highly critical of themselves and may continually feel they are not accomplishing things in their lives, or may even feel like a failure. Addressing low self-esteem in counselling can be done by learning to identify or challenge negative self-talk, learning to identify and explore emotions underlying low self-esteem and can include finding ways to offer self-compassion and connect with inner values.

The team of psychologists at Willow Psychology have experience with a wide variety of therapeutic approaches to help our clients work on improving self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. Please reach out to us to begin this important work. 

For more information on Self-Esteem, visit:

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