Veronica Taylor

I am currently on leave from Willow Psychology and will be accepting new clients when I return.

I am a full-time doctoral student in the accredited Counselling Psychology program at the University of Alberta. At Willow, I offer counselling to couples and adults on a variety of relationship, mental health, and career-life issues, supervised by a Registered Psychologist.

As a client, it is so important to feel comfortable and connected with your therapist. As such, my approach to counselling is fundamentally collaborative, and building strong relationships with my clients is a foundational part of my therapeutic practice. My approach to counselling is also strengths-based and rooted in positive psychology: I believe each client brings their own unique set of strengths and skills to therapy, and I strive to tailor my approach in a way that best fits the needs and goals of each client. 

Over the course of my training, I have worked with individuals, couples, and families in a variety of areas including: communication skills, interpersonal and relationship issues, family conflict, life transitions, infidelity, stress, grief and loss, mental health, and issues of career-life. I am also trained in interest-based mediation and have experience in workplace conflict management. 

Therapy can be a challenging, yet incredibly rewarding process of learning and discovery. You are the expert of your own story; my hope as a therapist is to provide you with a safe and supportive space for exploration and growth in order to create personally meaningful changes in your life and relationships.

My fees for counselling are $100-$150 per hour, using a sliding scale.